On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, we are asking the City of Springfield for a $1,000,000 donation to begin the first phase of Bransford Community Center. This will allow us to break ground and build starting this year.

We need your help:

Please attend the May 18th Board of Mayor & Aldermen meeting at City Hall in Springfield, Tennessee when we ask for the $1,000,000 donation. It begins at 6 pm, but we are asking Bransford supporters to arrive at 5:30 pm. Our goal is to thank aldermen and the mayor in advance for supporting Bransford, and to celebrate collectively when they do. We aim to pack out the room where they meet, the lobby, the parking lot and the street.

Frequently asked questions

What will the $1,000,000 be used for?

The $1,000,000 donation from the City of Springfield will be used for the first phase of development for the Bransford Community Center. This includes a concrete pad and building the first phase of the building that will house our programs.

Who will Bransford Community Center serve?

Bransford Community Center will serve the entire community, from infants to seniors. Currently, we have the Bransford Pride program that serves grades K-5 through an afterschool program and summer camp. With the Bransford Community Center, we will be able to expand our programming to serve middle and high school students, provide vocational training to adults, and provide community activities for seniors.

Do you need more than $1,000,000?

Yes, we do. To create our full vision over the next few years, we will continue to fundraise and add additions onto the building we build from phase one. Phase one is just the beginning, and we have our entire future ahead of us.

Why are you only asking the City of Springfield for $1,000,000?

We are asking the City of Springfield to donate $1,000,000 for a few reasons: 1) The City of Springfield had a great sales tax year due to more people working remotely and spending their dollars here versus in other counties and cities that they would traditionally commute to. This has given them a very healthy budget and general fund balance. 2) If we ask for $1,000,000, they can donate that money almost immediately. Anything above that would likely be from bonds, which legally they cannot donate money from. 3) A stipulation with this donation amount is that they will give us this amount of money, and we will fully run the Bransford Community Center. That means that we are not in partnership with the City of Springfield on it. Therefore, it'll reduce our costs to build it since we do not have near as much overhead as the City does through their purchasing procedures.

Are you still accepting donations from the public?

Absolutely! We would love your support as it'll help us help more people. You can donate anytime here.