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On May 2021, the City of Springfield donated $1,000,000 to Bransford Community Center to use as construction funds. This means that once planning, architectural designs and construction plans are complete, Bransford Community Center will have the first $1,000,000 completely covered by the City of Springfield in construction costs. 

We still need your help. The full plan is estimated to be roughly $2.5 million. While we are full-steam head, donations will help us complete the project in its entirety.

Donations come from the following streams:

  • Individual contributions made through our Facebook page, our GoFundMe page, PayPal or through mail

  • Community fundraising events

  • Company or corporate donations


As a non-profit, we are stretched for resources, time and money. Also, this massive goal does not stop us from focusing on our daily priority: continuing the programs that have saved so many children after-school each year by giving them a safe and loving place to stay.

We are asking you to help us. Even $1 will count. Can't donate? Share this GoFundMe in hopes that your network will be able to help.

We will work tirelessly to raise the funds to rebuild a space for our programs to continue to thrive within. Together, we can unify all the walks of life of Robertson County and beyond.

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